Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

Our lives are going to be so busy, restful, and then busy again. Monday the carpet cleaners are coming. After they leave I have a long list of errands to run. William will take Mary to swim lessons in the evenings after dinner. Tuesday and Wednesday the girls will go to Mrs. Debbie's since I have full day professional development trainings. On Thursday, I will be packing all of our bags to go to the BEACH!!!! On Friday, I will take Mary to swim lessons early and then start packing the car. Hopefully, William can catch a ride to work with a coworker and we will pick him up at 3 to head to Bellville. On Saturday, Granny and Mary will go to a wedding at 2. As soon as they are home we will hop in the car and make the 8+ hour drive to Perdido Key, FL (near Pensicola). Grandma Betty will also make the drive from Georgia to join for a week long of fun on the beach. Then we'll pack the bags and head back to Granny's on Saturday morning. Then we'll drive back to McKinney on Sunday. Amy will go back to full time daycare when we return. I have a team leader meeting Monday morning. On Tuesday, I have have a first grade team meeting. Wednesday is my LAST DAY OF SUMMER! :( I go back to work on Thursday. We have 7 days of inservice and then the kids come on Mon, Aug 24.

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