Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another week on the farm!

Saturday morning I loaded up the girls and we headed to Bellville. Later that afternoon we had some rain. We decided to sit out on the patio and watch it. At about 7:15 lightening struck VERY close to the house. It scared all of us. As soon as it hit the electricity went out. Mom called it in. Since we knew it would be a while before it came back on we decided to go for a car ride. On the way out we picked up Grandma b/c she was out too. We were the only 2 out in the area. We went down to the grain bins to see Uncle Fred and Greg. A little after 8 we decided to head back home. Luckily earlier in the day the kids played in the kiddie pool. Amy took a bath outside by the light of the car. We lit candles and open windows. Mary was having a hard time grasping this concept. We have NEVER lost power in McKinney. After playing Scabble Slam (very fun!!) we all crawled into Granny's bed. Her room was the only one with a window letting in a cool breeze. I don't think I got much sleep that night with Mary kicking me in the head and the nice breeze stopped at about 3am. Mary had to sleep the opposite way so she could see the moon light coming in the window. At 7 am we still had NO electricity. We decided to see if we could figure out how to get the county water line connected to the house so we could at least have water. We spent about 15 minutes trying to get it with no luck. Just as we were calling for help, the electric company truck came driving down the road. About 10 minutes later we had electricity again! We took showers and got ready for church. Then we had lunch with Brady. That afternoon Jackson and Kathryn came over to play. Then it was time to go to Grandma's for dinner. All 5 of the cousins were there. I think Thanksgiving will be a little crazy this year! On Monday we went to Brenham to meet the triplets and visit with Adrienne. They are just adorable. On Tuesday, we went to see Brady and then headed to Space Center Houston. Aunt Cynthia went with us. Mary had a great see all of the astronaut outfits. Then we had a nice lunch out. We went back to Aunt Cynthia's for nap time. When Mary woke up she got to swim in their pool with Pamela. Then we enjoyed dinner and hopped back in the car to go home. On Wednesday, we went shopping and had dinner at Galileo's! When we got home we thought it would be fun to go on one more gator ride. Just as we got to the back pasture it DIED on us. It wouldn't restart. We had about 30 cows swarming us because they thought we had food for them. Mary started to get scared. We climbed through the fence, over a gate, and walked almost a mile while carrying the kids. Luckily we made it home just as it was getting dark and the rain clouds stayed away. When William got home that night he found a note from the city that our water had been cutoff due to a water leak. I guess a neighbor called it in. No telling how long it was bubbling into the street. I'm expecting a very ugly water bill next month!!! Thursday morning Granny went back to work and we came back to McKinney. William called a plumber to come out first thing to fix it. By the time we got home around 1 it had been fixed. Enjoy the pics of our visit!

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Steven and Adrienne said...

It was good to see all of you the other day. The girls are growing so fast. Before you know it I will be in your shoes chasing 3 crawling/walking little ones (scary)!!!