Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amy's Dr Visit

Amy went today for her 1 year well baby check up. She weighs 18 lbs, 7 oz (10th%tile) and 29 1/2 in (61st%tile). The doctor is not too concerned about her weight right now because she is still growing and hasn't lost any weight. She got 2 shots today and did okay. She will go back in October for her 15 month well baby visit. She is talking more and using her signs more. She can now say ball and baby (sounds more like ba-ba). She will sign for milk, more, bye-bye, hi, tired/night-night, and light. She is bottle free and I fed her for the last time on her birthday! I made my goal again of 1 year. She only drinks from sippy cups now. She is still taking a morning nap, but doesn't have to. hich is nice because we can go out and do more things in the morning.

I plan on leaving with the girls on Saturday morning to go see Granny. We will probably stay until Thursday morning. We plan on going to Space Center Houston while we are there.

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