Monday, October 19, 2009

Amy's check ups

I took a half today to get Amy to both of her doctor appointments. At 2:30 we met with Dr. Cavalier at Children's. They did a CBC. After an unsuccessful attempt to draw blood in the right arm, they warmed up the left and got it. Both arms were nicely bandaged in a bright pink tape. Her hemoglobin levels were just below normal, 10.5. Since she was sick last week with a fever, she figured it was low due to her fighting the virus. We do NOT have to go back on the iron supplements!!!!! We are VERY excited!! Her retic count was up, which means her body is making more blood. So hopefully her iron levels will be back to the normal range soon. We will go back in April to see Dr. Cavalier for another follow up visit. They will do another CBC to check her levels. Then it was off to see Dr. Alvis, her primary peditrician. She weighed 20lbs 7.5oz (12th%tile) and was 31 1/4" (70th%tile). She got 4 shots today. She handled it well...I think I might not have if I was stuck that many times in one day! She will go back to see Dr. Alvis in Jan for her 18 month well baby visit.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Austin Co Fair

We had a great time at the Austin Co Fair! We arrived late Wednesday night. We got up the next morning to start getting ready for the parade. It was HOT!!! After the parade was over we headed to the grounds to enjoy some fair food for lunch. Mary and I had corndogs and curly fries. Then we walked around a bit to see the animals, commercial buildings, women's exhibits, and the new building. The new livestock barn was named in memory of my daddy. It is a very nice tribute! We went home for nap time. After dinner we went back up to see the pig races and the rodeo. It was still very warm! On Friday, we went to the flower shop in the morning and went up to eat at the auction buyers luncheon. It was a very wet day morning and afternoon. The auction was dedicated in memory of those who had passed away in the last year. After a moment of silence the auction began. We stayed for a bit and then went home with the girls. Granny stayed to buy an animal. She ended up getting a goat. She then put it back to resale and donated the money to the Bellville FFA Alumni. That evening after the rain had stopped, William and I went back to have some fun in the COLD. On Saturday, we had lots of vistors out at the house. Kathryn came over to have a play date. Mary and Kathryn LOVE playing together. Uncle Fred came out for a quick visit. Then Brady came to join in on the fun. Then Grandma stopped by to see her great grandkids. We had lunch at home and after nap time we all went up to the fair. We had a LOT of our friends Houston come and join us. There were 10 kids ranging in age from 4 1/2 years old to less than a year! They all had so much fun playing together. After eating, all of them left. Granny took the girls home and we stayed to enjoy the music. Sunday morning we got up and loaded the car and headed back to McKinney. About an hour down the road Mary got sick. We had to completely redress her, take out the car seat and clean it, and wipe the car down. Later we stopped at Buc-ee's to get some lunch. We arrived home early afternoon and have been getting things unpacked and washed. Now the countdown begins for ACF 2010!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

State Fair of Texas

We had a blast at the State Fair on Saturday. We were disappointed that we didn't get to try the fried butter and peaches n cream. The lines were VERY VERY long!! Now we are looking forward to a short week. We will leave Wed after work to head to the Austin County Fair!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Mary is a reader!

Mary is enjoying reading all on her own! I was quite surprised in early September that she already knew many sight words! It is amazing what she is learning at her preschool. This video is of her reading a book she got earlier in the week. She told me tonight that she can also read it inside her brain and that's what Kindergarteners do! She is really looking forward to Kinder next year.

This video is of Mary reading a brand new book!