Monday, October 19, 2009

Amy's check ups

I took a half today to get Amy to both of her doctor appointments. At 2:30 we met with Dr. Cavalier at Children's. They did a CBC. After an unsuccessful attempt to draw blood in the right arm, they warmed up the left and got it. Both arms were nicely bandaged in a bright pink tape. Her hemoglobin levels were just below normal, 10.5. Since she was sick last week with a fever, she figured it was low due to her fighting the virus. We do NOT have to go back on the iron supplements!!!!! We are VERY excited!! Her retic count was up, which means her body is making more blood. So hopefully her iron levels will be back to the normal range soon. We will go back in April to see Dr. Cavalier for another follow up visit. They will do another CBC to check her levels. Then it was off to see Dr. Alvis, her primary peditrician. She weighed 20lbs 7.5oz (12th%tile) and was 31 1/4" (70th%tile). She got 4 shots today. She handled it well...I think I might not have if I was stuck that many times in one day! She will go back to see Dr. Alvis in Jan for her 18 month well baby visit.

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