Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break on the Farm

I'll be adding more pictures later :)
We made the drive Friday after work to spend the week on the farm. We had a very busy week.

On Saturday, March 15 we went to the Four County Auction Barn for a special sale.
On Sunday we went to church and then in the evening went to Grandma's for pizza.
On Monday we went to the flower shop to spend time with Granny.

On Tuesday we went back to the auction barn for lunch and their weekly sale. After the sale we made a trip to the tractor parts shop.

On Wednesday Aunt Na-Na treated us to a morning of fun at the Children's Museum and then to lunch out at Joe's Crab Shack.

On Thursday we went to do all of the fun stuff at Rodeo Houston.
Mary's favorite part of the day was seeing the pig races.
On Friday we decorated some Easter eggs. Then Aunt Paige came over for lunch. She brought Mary a little lamb, that she absolutely loves and takes everywhere with her. That afternoon we made a cake for William's birthday. Daddy also came back and we celebrated his birthday when he got there. Happy Birthday!!!!

On Saturday we went back to the Rodeo to see Pa-Pa in the Grand Entry Parade. This time we only watched the rodeo and then we stayed for the Brooks and Dunn concert.
Mary just had too much fun. She fell asleep for about an hour and half during the rodeo.
On Sunday we went to early Easter church. When we got home Mary had fun look and playing with all of the things in her Easter basket that the Easter bunny left for her. For lunch we went down to Grandma's. Just before lunch I spotted the Easter bunny hopping away and the kids discovered that he had left behind a whole bunch of eggs! Mary really got into it this year. She picked up the eggs pretty fast and put them in her basket.
Great Grandma with her 3 great grandchildren. Kathryn, Jackson, and Mary

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pictures of the next baby girl Haseltine

Well, I finally had a chance to work on the scanner.
This picture clearly shows a baby girl. This will be the only time a picture like this will ever be taken or posted on the internet!!! :) The sonographer was able to tell within seconds after the sonogram started. With Mary it took her a while to finally show us.
Here is a profile picture.

"Hello, Everybody!!" This is a picture of her little hand "waving" to us during the sonogram.
This picture is of her face. The circle you see is her left eye! The sonographer thought she might be sticking her tongue out at us during this picture.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another day of SNOW!

We'll the snow started today a lot earlier than on Tuesday. At school the snowflakes were as big as 2 inches!!!! It has slowed down a lot in the last 30 minutes. Here is a picture of the backyard. The roads are a MESS! The snow is very wet and making a slush on the streets. So a recap of our weather this week...Monday highs in the 70's...Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning SNOW, Wednesday highs in the 60's (I acutally used the grill and Mary played outside)...Thursday morning sleet and afternoon SNOW! No where but TEXAS!
Click on The Roubique's BLOG for a video of the snow coming down (they live 3 houses down the street).

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow delay!

We had a 2 hour delay for school today. We went outside to build a snowman. At first we didn't have much luck because the snow was very dry. As the sun warmed things up, the snow started to stick. He certainly isn't the tallest we've built since we've been in McKinney, but Mary had fun making him. This was Mary's first time to really get to play in the snow. Last year it snowed 3 times, but it never accumulated.

Monday, March 03, 2008

More Snow!

It is REALLY coming down now! It looks really cool outside, I guess the snow is reflecting all of the street lights. It looks like it is almost daytime. Maybe if I can get Mary up really early, we could go out and build a snowman before school, it is actually sticking on the ground. It looks like we've gotten about an inch so far!

1st snow of the season!

Well, we didn't think it was going to happen this winter, but it finally did! It is SNOWING!!!! It started to sleet around 6 and then about 6:20 it turned to snow. Now, it is a mix again. We are supposed to get 1-3 inches tonight! However, since it has been in the 70's the past few days, it's not going to stick around too long. We took Mary out after dinner to let her see the snow. As you can see in the picture it is coming down pretty good, but not sticking.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's another girl!

Well, I had a post up Tuesday night, but it somehow "disappeared." We are at the half way point and thrilled to have another girl. I have not been able to get the scanner to work, so when I have time to work on it, I'll put up a picture of her.

We had another weekend at home. Not much exciting going on. We did some cleaning, got Gus a bath, and got Mary's Easter outfit. I hope it is warmer this Easter than it was on the last! We will be traveling to Bellville for spring break, March 17-21. Mary can't wait to spend another week on the farm!