Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break on the Farm

I'll be adding more pictures later :)
We made the drive Friday after work to spend the week on the farm. We had a very busy week.

On Saturday, March 15 we went to the Four County Auction Barn for a special sale.
On Sunday we went to church and then in the evening went to Grandma's for pizza.
On Monday we went to the flower shop to spend time with Granny.

On Tuesday we went back to the auction barn for lunch and their weekly sale. After the sale we made a trip to the tractor parts shop.

On Wednesday Aunt Na-Na treated us to a morning of fun at the Children's Museum and then to lunch out at Joe's Crab Shack.

On Thursday we went to do all of the fun stuff at Rodeo Houston.
Mary's favorite part of the day was seeing the pig races.
On Friday we decorated some Easter eggs. Then Aunt Paige came over for lunch. She brought Mary a little lamb, that she absolutely loves and takes everywhere with her. That afternoon we made a cake for William's birthday. Daddy also came back and we celebrated his birthday when he got there. Happy Birthday!!!!

On Saturday we went back to the Rodeo to see Pa-Pa in the Grand Entry Parade. This time we only watched the rodeo and then we stayed for the Brooks and Dunn concert.
Mary just had too much fun. She fell asleep for about an hour and half during the rodeo.
On Sunday we went to early Easter church. When we got home Mary had fun look and playing with all of the things in her Easter basket that the Easter bunny left for her. For lunch we went down to Grandma's. Just before lunch I spotted the Easter bunny hopping away and the kids discovered that he had left behind a whole bunch of eggs! Mary really got into it this year. She picked up the eggs pretty fast and put them in her basket.
Great Grandma with her 3 great grandchildren. Kathryn, Jackson, and Mary

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