Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ice days

Well, we are on day 2 of ice. The neighborhood streets are still solid ice and the main town streets are spotty and slushy. The highways are mostly clear. Not sure if we'll have school tomorrow or not, since the temp won't get above freezing until later on Friday. Since the house is pretty much clean, I thought I'd upload some pictures, since I hadn't even posted Christmas pics!
Christmas pics

2 weekends ago we went to New York for our neices baptism. We left Friday after work and returned Monday evening. It was sooooo cold up there! I guess that just prepared us for this week! The only "tourist" thing we did was go to the MET. Mary had a blast and really enjoyed looking at all of the art and scultures. She really liked the Vincent Van Gohs. She had been reading a book at school about him and was disappointed she didn't get to see her favorite, Starry Night. She did get a collection of post cards that has a lot of paintings. She was excited to show them to her art teacher.

Last weekend Granny came up for a short weekend visit. William rode the Harley down to the farm and Granny brought him back.