Monday, May 28, 2007

Pa-Pa and Granny's Visit

Well, it had been almost a year since Pa-Pa and Granny visited last. Mary was so excited when they finally arrived. Even though it rained most of the time when they were here, we were able to get out and do somethings. Pa-Pa took Mary on a few wagon rides.
Pa-Pa pushed Mary on the swing.
Daddy went swimming with Mary.
Granny and Pa-Pa sat back and watched.

"Bye-Bye Pa-Pa and Granny. I LOVE YOU!" See you in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sorry it has been so long, but with the end of school coming, my days have been very busy.
Mary just loves reading all of the time! This is how she reads every book "Once upon a time...the end!"
This morning Mary insisted she help out with her hair.
As soon as we got home today she had to put them right back on!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Aunt Paige's Visit

Aunt Paige came for McKinney's Relay for Life. She joined our team and helped us raise over $4000!!!! All together McKinney raised over $340,000...and more money was raised that night! We had a great time walking! During the Relay, Paige gave her 2 for each hand. Mary really liked them and it didn't take long for them to "kick" in!....thanks Aunt Paige! When she came on Friday she brought Mary a new Dora coloring book with over 700 stickers! Mary LOVES it. She also brought the cute carrying case that will hold her chalk and eraser or whatever else will fit. Right now she likes using the chalk in the coloring book.