Sunday, July 13, 2008


I will have some new pictures very soon! You can also click on the link over to the right---shutterfly...all of our pictures---to see all of the pictures we take. There are a lot more of Amy!

Click on link below to view her hospital pictures


Rick, Kim and Eric Byrd said...

Congratulations! Amy is adorable and I know you all can't wait to have her at home. We will say a prayer that she will be home soon! Hang in there.

Trina said...

Congrats!!!! I am so excited for all of you!! I hope and pray the numbers will all even out soon so you can all go home! Prayers being sent your way!

Kyle, Missy, Avery, and Jessie said...

Congrats! I pray Amy's numbers go down. She is so beautiful! You will all be home soon.