Sunday, July 13, 2008

Amy Elizabeth Haseltine

Amy Elizabeth Haseltine arrived Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 3:57 pm. She weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 18 3/4 inches long. We were all scheduled to come home Saturday morning. Unfortunately, she had a high billirubin count and has jaundice. I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday morning and am now a boarder at the hospital. Here is how it all went down...Amy was yellow and they did a blood test, the number came back high, so they told us she would need to be put under the lights. By the time they got all of the equipment in the room and hooked it up it was already after noon. Once we got her under it was time to feed her. Then we put her back under the lights. Then the pediatrcian wanted an IV put in, so it was another hour before she got back under the lights. Then it was time to feed her again. So she really didn't have too much time under the lights and at the next test, the number had risen again. So this time the doctor wanted her to be put in NICU so that she could be monitored better and stay under the lights more. So early in the evening she was moved. I go every 3 hours to feed her for only 30 minutes. Then back to the room to pump, so that could be given to her under the lights after I fed her. This morning at the 9:00 feeding they weighed her before and after and determined she was getting enough from me and that I didn't need to pump anymore! Yahoo! During the night her number had dropped at midnight, but rose again by 6 am. They should do another test again at noon, we are praying for a lower number and for that to happen she has to poop a lot!!! For us to be able to go home she will need to get her numbers down low, then keep them down while not under the lights. So it will be very late today or tomorrow before we get to go home.
One really cool thing about this hospital is that I have an internet connection on the TV, so I can check my email and surf the web all from the bed, it just doesn't have a mouse, which has taken a little time to figure out how to move around on the pages just using the arrows and tab keys. I promise to post pictures as soon as I can. I did get an email from the hospital photo company saying her picture is ready to be viewed, but I am unable to navigate around their page using the arrows, so you can try to access at password: has town McKinney


Mark and Katie Moyle said...

She is precious and very beautiful! She has a head of hair and Laurie already had a bow in it! We are praying forthose numbers to be low!!!

Lainey-bug's Gigi said...

Congratulations on the addition to the family. Now Lainey will have two girl friends to grow with.