Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's been going on!?

Well, since school has started we've been a little busy. I am loving the new start time of 8:00 (well except for having to deal with high school traffic). I'm able to get a lot of work done in the afternoon, schedule dr appts, and have time to get home and get dinner on the table. After the first week of school Granny came for a visit. We went to the heard and hiked a new trail. We really like the Sycamore Trail and can't wait to hike it again. The other weekends have been full of cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! Aunt Paige also came for a visit and stayed with us for a couple of nights. Last weekend Mary attended a HS cheer camp. Her friends Hannah and Summer (babysitters) helped with camp and she was excited to see them. Mary is LOVING kindergarten! She is growing up into a smart little girl. She remembers EVERYTHING! And I think she may have a little admirer already. She tells me he always loves when she wears skirts and dresses and has asked her to wear her strawberry dress again that she wore the first week of school. Today he told her that her skirt was cool! Amy is talking in complete sentences and we are able to understand more of her words. And, of course she is getting into more things everyday. However, last night, I took the most precious picture of her sleeping. This weekend we are headed to Bellville to visit the family. We will go to ACF kick-off shrimp dinner (all you can eat and DRINK!) and dance. Can't wait!!! Then William is going to the Texans game on Sunday afternoon. So it looks like we will have a late trip getting back. I guess I'll need to prepare for school on Monday before we leave tomorrow at 2. We should be at Granny's in time for supper! Here are some pics of what we've done over the few weeks.

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