Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Well, today was Mary's very first day of Kindergarten. She has been waiting for this day FOREVER! She has been very excited to start her new adventure. I had to be at school early so William and Granny brought her to school. They called and told me when they arrived and I met them inside. Mary remembered exactly where to go. She did tears from either of us!! As soon as I said my "good-bye" I had 17 4th graders waiting on me, so no time to think about it. I saw her at lunch and she was doing great, still no tears. Then at the near the end of the day, I saw her in the gym during PE. She spotted me and starting running for me and then wrapped herself around my legs and starting crying, "I want you!!" over and over. I calmed her down and she went back to her spot. At the end of the day, she saw me and waited patiently until I finished my duty, extra long today, since it was the first day. After school she told me about her day. She was VERY dissapointed that she didn't get to go to centers or the computer. She getting ready for bed now and ready for day 2.

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