Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mary turns 5 years old!!

I can't believe that 5 years ago we were enjoying time with our precious little newborn, Mary Lynn. It's amazing how much your life can change in just 5 years. She is extremely bright, very inquistive, full of energy, and kind. And she will have her moments of stubborness, being hardheaded, getting frustrated, and anger, but she always ends those with a tearful "I'm sorry, I love you!"
On Friday after work we left for Bellville. Saturday morning we got up and did some yard work, baked Mary's birthday cake, and decorated Brady's tractor cake. That afternoon we went out to the Svinky Ranch to celebrate Brady's 1st birthday! That evening Kathryn came home with us to have a sleepover. Mary was EXTREMELY excited Sunday morning when she finally turned 5!! We enjoyed donuts for breakfast and then took all of the great grandkids to the BEAUTIFUL bluebonnet patch near the Svinky's. I've never in my life seen that many bluebonnets. Pics to come soon of that, I wasn't able to go. I was at home prepping everything for the party. We had an Italian feast! Lasgna, spaghetti, chicken parmasan, garlic bread, and salad. Mary wanted a Belle cake, so she picked out a lemon cake. I made her a personal rosette cake and then decorated the party cake. We were excited most of the family could come and celebrate. We had Grandma, Granny, Uncle Fred, Aunt Sherry, Greg, Jill, Tommy, Jackson, Kathryn, Aunt Na-Na, Uncle Mike, Brady, Aunt Cynthia, Uncle James, and Adam. After the party we packed up the car and headed back to McKinney.

Mary over the years

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Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday Mary! We hope you had a wonderful day :)