Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter in Florida

On Thursday after work we flew out to Tampa, FL and then drove to Bruce's house. We arrived late and were hungry. So we headed down to the club for a late night snack. We returned to the house and bathed and went to bed. We slept in and then started working on all the stuff we had to do around the house and around town. That evening we had planned to go out for dinner. We loaded up all the girls in one car and William was going to meet us there after he met with a guy at the house. Right as we pulled into the parking lot, Mary got SICK!! We quickly got her out of the car, cleaned up, and then back in the car (with a bag, which she used!). So we went back home and ordered in. After dinner we continued cleaning the garage. Saturday morning we slept in just a bit, got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed to Orlando to go to DISNEY WORLD: Magic Kingdom. It was amazing!! Just the right temp, wonderful weather, not super crowded (I couldn't imagine that place in the summer!!). Mary and Amy had a BLAST. Mary truly believed she was meeting the REAL characters from the movies. She LOVED it. Amy knew many of there names and fell in love with Minnie Mouse.
On our way to Florida and at Saddlebrook


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