Monday, June 08, 2009

Amy's Dr Visit

Well, we just got back from Children's Medical Center. Our appt was at 8:30. We were seen right away (after I filled out a dozen pages). We first met with the Nurse Pracitioner. We went over my pregnancy and Amy's hospital stay with jaundice. Then we met with the hematologist, Dr. Cavalier. She asked the same questions and we discussed the same things. She said that we are not looking at anything "major". Amy could have some type of blood disorder, could be anemic, but we don't know why, her red blood cells could have an abnormal shape, or this could just be who she is and it is normal for her! They then drew a lot of blood. The lady who took it is just one month shy of doing this for 20 years! When she stuck Amy she didn't even cry!!! Amy even smiled and laughed while it was being drawn. She took 2 vials full. Dr. Cavalier will look at some of it under a microscope today to look for abnormal shapes. One of the tests will take a couple of weeks to get back the results. We have a follow up visit in a month, Thur, July 9 at 9:30. I'll post more when I have more info. Thanks for all of your sweet thoughts and prayers.

And for all of those who know my friend Adrienne or are following her blog...the TRIPLETS have arrived. However, they have 2 birth dates!!! The girl's bday is June 7 and the boys' are June 8!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY! All are doing well, and I'm hoping they'll have pictures posted soon!

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Steven and Adrienne said...

Thanks for the shout out! I hope everything is okay with Amy and this just turns out to be something minor. Keep us posted on all of the blood results.