Monday, September 08, 2008

Another week on the farm!

We left Saturday, Aug 30 after I fed Amy. She made it all the way, we didn't have to stop to feed her. William left Sunday night and left his 3 girls on the farm. Once again we had a lot of fun. Mary got to go to the flower shop, ride in the terra gator and tractor, play outside, play beauty shop with Granny, and go on wagon rides. She even had a new first...Pa-Pa took her with him to work in the hay field. While out there she said she needed to go potty. So he taught her how to squat and go! :) Amy had some firsts as well, she drank from a bottle, started sleeping past 4am, swing, and ride in a wagon. She also got to hang out at the flower shop and go to a shower with Granny. We also found out some fantastic dad will be the parade marshall for the fair this year! We will be taking off work to go see him lead it. Maybe Mary and Amy will get to ride with him!

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