Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend on the farm!

Hello everybody!
Sorry for not posting lately! For lent I gave up computer time. I am limiting myself to 20 minutes and unused minutes can be rolled over! So I wasn't on the computer at all on Friday or Saturday, so that gives me 60 minutes on Sunday! Finally, a chance to clean out my email and do a post today. We left Friday after work for Bellville, our first trip since Christmas. Mary was excited to be on the farm again. On Saturday, the weather wasn't great, but at least Mary was able to play outside. That morning we took Gus to the vet for his annual check up, then dropped William off at the gym, and went home. Then I went back to p/u William and stop by the pharmacy to see Aunt Sherry. After that stop we went to the flower shop. Mary had fun playing with all of the stuffed animals. For lunch Pa-Pa fixed pork burgers and Great Grandma stopped by to visit. After lunch everyone layed down for a nap! William and I decided to go to Pearland to visit the newest Byrd...Eric. He was 4 days old and such a sweet little thing. After a visit with them, we went to one of our favorite places to eat-Gringo's-and got the worst service I think we had ever had at a restaurant, at least the food was good! Then we stopped off at Bass Pro shop. While in the store for about 30 mintues, the temperature dropped 20 degrees and started to pour down rain. Finally we made our way home to find that Mary had still not come home from the wedding that Granny and Pa-Pa went to. They finally arrived home a little before 11:00 and she still wasn't ready to go to bed. On Sunday, we slept in, then went to church, and out to eat BBQ. Pa-Pa goes for another round of scans and tests on Monday and then back again on Tuesday for the results. Sorry, no pics this time---I forgot the camera! I'll try to remember it next time!

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