Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

On Friday we drove to Bellville for the long weekend. On Saturday and Sunday there was a long list of things to do around the farm. Granny has recently gotten a new roof on the house and ALL new windows!!!!! All of the old windows and storm windows were still piled up in the front yard, so we moved them to a barn. William mowed the lawn and took down the old TV antenna from the roof. Mike used the skid loader to remove the old basketball goal (which probably would have stood a 1000 more years!). The oak tree in the backyard was struck by lightening, so Mike and William climbed up the tree to cut out the dead part, only to discover that the entire tree is rotting. Granny will have to call someone out to take care of that. The cousins had fun playing in Granny's new room. 25 years ago they had remodeled the house. However, they never finished the office and at the time sewing room. It still had VERY old carpet and unfinished walls. She had the carpet ripped out and put down a new floor, put up drywall and painted, built in a closet, and got a new back door. The room looks fabulous! It is now an office/playroom. On Sunday evening we met at Grandma's for dinner, Kathryn and Jackson were there, too. After dinner we loaded up the car and drove back that night. We arrived back home around 1:30am. Thankfully, Amy slept until 8:30!!! A very nice treat to sleep in.

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