Sunday, August 09, 2009

Perdido Key, Florida

We had a fantastic time on the beach at Perdido Key, Florida, near Pensacola. This was our first vacation since we visited NYC when Mary was 15 months! It was certainly a fun time!!! We spent a lot of time on the beach just hanging out, digging in the sand, looking for seashells, and swimming. We found that we need to go to the pool after every trip to the beach. We went to the National Aviation Museum, Johnson Beach, The Wharf (a lot like Kema boardwalk), out to eat, and William and his dad took an off shore fishing trip. William was determined to go to the end of the key! One day he suckered me into walking with him. We walked for over an hour and never made it. I convinced him to turn around. The next day we drove as far as we could. And we walked again for over an hour and still didn't make it. He pulled out his iphone and found that we still weren't even close! He says next time he will do it!

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Connie said...

I LOVE Mary's bikinis!! Can't believe William let her wear them =)
The new family pic is really good!
Looks like ya'll have a fab time.