Sunday, March 08, 2009


I gave up computer time this year for lent again. So, that's why you haven't seen much lately. This weekend we went to my cousin Pamela's wedding in Clear Lake. We had a lot of fun and of course Mary had a TON of fun! On the way back this morning we made a slight detour and drove through Huntsville. We had fun driving by the apartments where we first met and lived for 2 sememsters, going by some of our old hangouts. Unfortuately, many of them were completely gone or turned into something else. It was a lot of fun driving on campus seeing our old class buildings and seeing all the new ones they have built. Me and the girls will be driving back to Bellville this coming weekend for spring break. We can't wait to spend some time with Granny and do some fun things on the farm!

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