Sunday, November 02, 2008

Surprise Trick or Treaters!!!

At about 8:45 we ran out of candy, turned out the porch light, and relaxed. Mary wanted to stay in her costume just a bit longer. Since it was Friday, we decided to let her stay up a little later. William was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning (which is usually not like him). We were having guests over Saturday night and he said he wanted to get as much done before Saturday as he could. So I started helping out. At about 9:15 the doorbell rang. I thought...the light is off and whoever it is won't be getting any candy, because we were all out, except for what Mary had gotten. But William went with Mary to open the door anyway. There were 2 people bending down and saying trick or treat! Mary started screaming and I was in shock! It was Granny and Pa-Pa!!! Pa-Pa had called William Thursday afternoon to say he was feeling good and wanted to surprise Mary. And boy, did they surpise both of us!! We were so excited they came for a visit. We stayed up to almost 11:00 that night visting and playing. Then Saturday we spent the day getting things ready for the get together that evening. Mary and Amy had fun playing Granny and Pa-Pa. Mary was very sad when it was time to leave. We will be making the drive this weekend to the farm.

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Rick, Kim and Eric Byrd said...

These pictures are so precious!