Monday, August 04, 2008

First Trip to the Farm

Well, after Amy and I had our 2 week dr visits, we decided to make the trip to Bellville. Amy got to meet her Granny and Pa-Pa!! We arrived Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday were days full of visitors. On Sunday, William headed back and left all the girls on the farm. The rest of the week was pretty laid back. We went in to spend time with Granny at the flower shop. Mary got to drive a tractor, play on the slip and slide, check the garden, ride on the gator, and just hang out with Pa-Pa and Granny. Amy discovered that she LOVES to be outside (too bad it has been TOO HOT to go) and the last 30 minutes-hour before bedtime is not very happy. She is just like Mary and has decided that will be her "fussy" time. William came back Friday evening and we headed back to McKinney after the 9:00pm feeding on Saturday, so we were able to make the trip back nonstop with 2 sleepy kids! Amy got to meet her Great Grandma. She is the 4th great grandchild.

She also got to meet many of her little friends. From L to R: Amy, Mary, Eric Byrd (5 months), Lily and Carter SwensonFamily Picture
All the girls!
Granny and Pa-Pa with the 2 grandkids.
Hanging out on the patio in the evening.

Picking watermelons in the garden.

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