Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy Tuesday!

On Tuesday, I had an all day workshop. So, Amy picked Mary up Monday evening to spend the night and the next day with her. Mary had a good time seeing everyone again. She told me this morning that she missed, Miss Amy, Kaleigh, and Braden and that she was going to church camp to see Elyse. After I picked her up we went to see my doctor. At this appointment all that was done was a sonogram. The first one is a 3D picture of her face. She said she was in a really good position to see her in 3D, so she gave us a little peek. However, the little girl would not put her arm down. As you can see in the picture her arm is covering one side of her face. It looks like she has some chubby cheeks and a little smile. The next picture is of her face using the regular ultrasound equipment. She is weighing about 6 pounds and has a strong heartbeat. I go back to the doctor on Monday for an exam to see if she has started her way to see us.
After the doctors appointment we went home for a quick bite to eat and out to see the opening game of the McKinney Marshals. Mary had a lot fun watching the game and cheering them on.

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