Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great time on our last trip to the farm for awhile. My doctor doesn't like me to leave the metroplex after 32 weeks. So it looks like we won't be going back until #2 is about 4-6 weeks old.
On Saturday morning Daddy taught mary how to play T-Ball. She had fun, but after they played she used the bat like a golf club! It might be a while before she really gets it. Granny had to work with it being Mother's Day weekend and Prom night. After playing, we went into town to help her out...they were busy! We went to church that afternoon and ate out a the new Italian restaurant in town. It was good.
When we got home from eating out we changed clothes and headed down to the pasture to pick some dewberries. We each had a bowl to fill with berries. Everytime I asked Mary how many she had in her's, she would say none. She would pick and eat them. After awhile she finally started putting some in her bowl. They were delicious.
That night we stayed up to watch the Big Joe Polka Show. Pa-Pa got out his "new" accordian. Mary loved it!

For Mother's Day we went down to Grandma's for some BBQ brisket and pork. Afterwards, we played and celebrated Aunt Na-Na's Birthday.

Before we headed home Mary ate a few more dewberries. We asked her where all of them went and she lifted up her shirt to show us. :)

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