Monday, December 31, 2007

Have you heard???

We are very excited to announce that I am 12 weeks pregnant! We are due July 15. I'm not really looking forward to being 9 months pregnant in the middle of the summer, but I guess it could be worse and be in August. We will find out what we are having in February (I think that's when it is). I have my next appointment this week. So far everything has been going good. Mary even has sympathy for me. Last week she told me she was sick and pulled her stool up to the kitchen sink. She started coughing and spitting into the sink, then she got a towel and wiped her eyes and mouth---she was imatating me!! That is what she saw me do for about 4 weeks 3-4 times a week in the mornings. The next morning, she pulled up her stool to the left sink and pretended, as I was really sick in the right sink! Saturday was the first time I had gotten sick at night. The heartburn has already started, so I'll be packing the Tums around everywhere I go. And I can't believe how much sooner I am in maternity clothes the second time around. Pants that I wore last week won't even zip up this week!


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Kyle, Missy, Avery, and Jessie said...

Congrats! We are so happy for you. I guess we won't see you this summer at the lake. I hope you don't mind us looking up on your blog.