Monday, October 15, 2007

The 80th Austin County Fair

Mary enjoyed her 3rd time to the fair. We left Wednesday afternoon and met Granny and Pa-Pa up at the fair. Mary loved seeing all the animals in the junior barnyard and in the show barn.
On Thursday morning we got up early to go watch the parade in town. Mary got to see lots of things in parade, including Pa-Pa. She was not happy when the parade ended.

Sometimes you never know what you might see in the parade.
Mary spotted Pa-Pa on the back of the truck! She was excited.

The truck squirted water at us.

The trail ride.

Bellville Varsity cheerleaders.

Mary, Kathryn, and Jackson all watched the parade.

We went to the fairgrounds afterwards to enjoy some lemonade and corn dogs.

We went home to nap. Later that evening we went back for more fair fun. William had a really bad headache so we left early that night.

On Friday we went to the flower shop to help Granny water the plants and play. We went to the fair for lunch and had some good BBQ. In the afternoon we picked up Pa-Pa from the fair and Granny from work, and we went to the Bellville Brahmanette Volleyball Game. They won easily in 3 games. Mary had fun watching and cheering. After the game we went back to the fair to enjoy a 4-H hamburger and curly fries.

On Saturday, we slept in and had lunch at home. Our friends, Gordon, Aurora, and Liam came to enjoy the fair. Liam had fun dancing to the Polka music and riding carnival rides. Later on in the day Todd, Jessica, Carter, Lilly, Jessica's parents, Ricky, Kim, Ben (Jessica's brother) and Laura (fiance) all came to have fun at the fair. The kids enjoyed the rides and music, as well. After dinner, we enjoyed music by Neil McCoy.

Last year I rode it with Mary and was SICK. I refused to ride it this year. So, Todd rode with Mary and Carter, the kids loved it. Todd was SICK this time!! No adults are allowed to ride the bear affair again!

Mary like driving the truck and flying the helicopter.

The super slide was fun!

Mary enjoyed eating her snowcone while listening to The Lazy Farmers Polka band. She even shared with Carter.

On Sunday, Mary slept until 9:15, when we finally woke her up for church. After church we went to Pop's on the Square for lunch. We went back home and got everything packed up and loaded up. We went to the fair so Mary could say good bye to everything and everybody. She even got to see Landon before we left. William was also excited because this is the first time that he got his season pass punched everyday. We left about 2:00 and made it home at 6:00 (nonstop).

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