Thursday, September 13, 2007

Camera?? and catching up

I hope everyone has been doing well. With the start of school, time has flown by! I can't believe we just had curriculum night.

Anyway, last weekend, Sept 7-9 we went to Bellville to visit Granny and Pa-Pa since he had completed a chemo treatment earlier in the week. As we were leaving I took a sweet picture of Aunt Na-Na holding Mary (Mary said she was a baby). After I took the picture we were ready to hit the road back to McKinney, and suddenly I had no idea where the camera went! We still have not found it in our stuff, hopefully Granny has found it by now at her house.

William picked up Mary today from her sitter (which she is finally getting used to the new routine and not balling her eyes out every morning as I'm leaving!) and he took her to McDonald's for a happy meal. She was so happy tonight, much different from last night when she kept having to return to time out for hitting her parents, the dog, and the wall.

This weekend we plan to relax and do some stuff around the house that needs to be taken care of. The weather has been nice and cool! Yesterday morning the temp was in the upper 50's!!!! Fall is coming!!!!! and that means FAIR TIME!!!!!! We are so excited about the new fried food at the state fair this year....fried cookie dough! We already have Mary's first Wranglers for the fair and some cute rodeo/western shirts. We are still in search of some boots.

Have a great weekend!

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