Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another week on the Farm

Granny came on Thursday, July 20 night to McKinney. We packed up the truck and headed to Bellville for a week and half. We had a ton of fun on our visit. On Saturday, we went to the Industry Firemans BBQ and Polka dance. Mary had a lot fun dancing, playing in the dirt, watching a goat, eating snow cones (Granny and Pa-Pa bought her 3!!), playing ring toss on the coke bottles (although she really hasn't grasped the concept of the game), and making new friends. I got to see some of my friends as well, Crystal and Jaime. On Sunday, we went to church. For dinner that night Uncle Fred, Cousin Greg, and Grandma all came over to the house. Mary really enjoyed the ice cream and cake. We also had some fresh peaches and strawberries that we picked up in Fairfield.

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