Monday, March 19, 2007

Rodeo Houston 2007

Mary, Pa-Pa and I made the trip to the rodeo on Wednesday, March 7. We started off a bit rough. We decided to ride the tram, since it was quite a walk. It was all we could do to keep her on the thing. She was not happy. Once we got inside she was so excited to run from one exhibit to the next. She even got to pet Elsie the cow! Her favorite had to be the coloring station. When it was time to leave she was very upset. We decided to walk back to the car since she disliked the tram so much. We made it to the car just in time as it started POURING down rain as soon as we got in. Mary got to see baby chicks hatching and lots of roosters and hens.

Mary got to go in the petting zoo. She loved running from one animal to the next.
During the sing-a-long the musician let Mary play the tambourine! She was so excited.
Mary even got to be in the rodeo! I think we might have a future rodeo clown!

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